Topdrive20 Series

Micro type general vector inverter (VFD)


 Designed as a high performance mini VFD
used in the small power market, using the leading international vector control algorithm with excellent product features. Topdrive20 series is compatible with wall and rail installation by utilizing a smaller, compact, efficient design.


• Modbus RTU/RS485 built in (standard)
• Simple PLC supporting multiple run modes
• Multiple V/F curve settings
• Motor autotuning modes


• V/F (SVPWM) and Sensorless Vector (SVC)
• Asynchronous AC induction motors
• Advanced PID functions
• Mini design for smaller installation space and
parallel/side-by-side installations
• High performance LED keypad with digital
potentiometer. LED external keypad kit optional.
• Overload capability 200% 1s, 180% 10s,
150% 60s
• Multiple installation modes, wall and rail mount
• Embedded braking transistors
• Removable cooling fan for easy maintenance
• Multiple braking modes
• Continuous running in instant power loss


• 1AC 110-120V: 110V ........0.5 - 1.5HP*
• 1AC 200-240V: 220V ............0.5 - 3HP
• 3AC 200-240V: 220V ............0.5 - 1HP
• 3AC 380-480V: 460V ..............1 - 3HP
• 50/60Hz ..... Allowed range: 47 ~ 63Hz

Topdrive310 Series

General Purpose Vector Control Drives


High performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent
magnet synchronous motors. Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control technology.


• V/F (SVPWM) and Sensorless Vector (SVC)
• Asynchronous AC induction motors and PM
motor control
• Advanced PID functions
• High performance removable LED keypad
with digital potentiometer, max length 200m.
LCD keypad kit optional.
• Overload capability 200% 1s, 180% 10s,
150% 60s
• Multiple installation modes, wall and flange
• Embedded braking units from 1.5 - 30kW
inverters, braking resistors optional
• C3 input filters standard for better EMC
performance, C2 input filters optional
• Multiple braking modes
• Continuous running in instant power loss 


• IP20 standard, IP21/NEMA 1 kit available frames 1 to 5
• -10~40ºC, de-rate 1% for every additional 1ºC to 50ºC
• Installation up to 1000 MASL (3300 ft.) 


• 3AC 200-240V: 220V ............ 1 - 75HP
• 3AC 380-480V: 460V .......... 2 - 100HP
• 3AC 525-600V: 575V ....... 25 - 100HP*
• 50/60Hz ..... Allowed range: 47 ~ 63Hz


Whether DC SCR, AC, low voltage PWM, brushless DC, digital speed controls, digital speed pots or speed sensors, Dart products are second to none.

Dart Controls Product line-up

DC speed controls

125 Series DC motor speed controller

The 125 Series is a cost effective drive that incorporates up-to-date design and engineering into a compact package.  The 125 Series is available in both NEMA 1 and NEMA 4 models.

15 Series DC motor speed controller

The 15 Series is for use with small motors found in a wide variety of applications. Two chassis styles and both NEMA 1 and NEMA 4 enclosed models make the 15 Series an easy choice for your fractional HP application needs. The updated circuit utilizes SMT technology to deliver maximum power density from the smallest possible package, without sacrificing speed range or regulation.

253 Series DC motor speed controller

The 253 Series offers superb flexibility, reliability, and value. A general purpose, economical drive rated to 2HP. Where most other drives require options to include soft start adjustment, AC line fuse protection and additional heat sink to handle higher HP motors, these are all included in every 253G model as standard features. Reliability is enhanced from the use of a rugged packaged power bridge. Chassis or NEMA 4/12 enclosure styles are available. Many options further extend the 253’s capabilities.

65 Series Low Voltage DC PWM Drives

The 65 Series high performance PWM drives are for low voltage DC motors. Used many times in applications with battery voltage as the supply the PWM drive saves energy, increasing time between charges plus extends the overall life of the battery. The 65 Series are also used with low voltage power supply (typically 12-24VDC) due to the size of the motor being used. Chassis, NEMA 1 or NEMA 4 enclosure styles are available.

Digital Speed Pots

A Digital Speed Pot may be either open or closed loop, that can be used with any type, brand or technology drive that accepts a 3-wire speed pot input to change the motor speed. They include the programmable digital display, logic and alarm function and all other features of the Dart MicroDrives, less the drive. 

PU Series Encoder

Speed sensors on motors is an important requirement for engineers and plant operators. Whether used with Dart’s digital DC speed controls, or as feedback to a plc/HMI/SCADA system. The elegance of these rotary encoders is the simplicity of their design. The PU-R is rated NEMA 4 for outdoor applications where temperature, humidity, rain and dust are present. The PU-R is also recommended for applications where water washdown is expected.

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